Four advantages

Stayhungry Technology Products Advantages

Years of experience

Company team members have been engaged in the industry for many years, providing one-stop service

Product core value

Effectively reduce labor costs and labor intensity, and reduce energy consumption.题

Overall solution

Provide from program design, product production, sales and transportation, after-sales service

Improve the service system

The company has developed a comprehensive service system

Provide technical support and after-sales technical services such as technical consultation, product training, installation and commissioning. Standardized production and strict implementation of order tracking management.
Provide automatic and dustless solutions for weighing and conveying sytem

Stayhungry specializes in loss-in-weight feeders, weight-increasing feeders, volumetric feeders, vacuum feeders, pelletizers, weighing and batching systems, material handling systems, centralized feeding System, intelligent control system and ancillary products, products serving the plastics, chemicals, chemical fiber, coatings, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection and other industries, the company is committed to the development and application of material metering and conveying technology, providing customers with integrated Overall solution.


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Product solution